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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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General Listing

ACHILLEA AK-il-EE-a Zones 2-9 (Yarrow)

ACMO Achillea ‘Moonshine’ Flat-topped canary yellow flower clusters late spring-early summer and bright silver, ferny foliage. Will rebloom if cut back. 18” - 24” tall and wide. Spring or fall.   7.00

ALLIUM AL-lee-um Zones 3-7

Alliums are very easy to grow and are quite drought tolerant. Plants are always attractive and add an appealing touch of lavender when in bloom.

ALNU A. nutans - Lavender 2” pompoms in July into August on 18” stems. Spring or fall. 7.00

ALSE A. sensecens - Lavender 2” pompoms in July born on 18” stems. Spring or fall. 7.00

ALSG A. senescens glaucum - The flat, gray-green leaves emerge in a spiral fashion about 6” tall. Looks like a little whirlwind visited them. Good edging plant. Blooms during the late August lull. Lavender globes sit atop 12” stems and they dry well. Spring or fall.  7.00

ARMERIA ar-MEER-ia  Zones 4-9 (Sea Thrift)

ARBL A. Bloodstone - Blooms in spring are bright rose globe-shaped flowers on 6” stems above grass-like foliage 3” tall.
Spring only 7.00

ARISAEMA TRIPHYLLUM Zones 4-9 (Jack in the Pulpit)

ARTR - Green/purple hooded wildflower in May followed by scarlet seed-heads in fall. Leaves have 3 lobes. It grows from a corm which should be planted about 5” deep. Wild flower. Fall only 7.00

ASCLEPIAS Zones 4a - 10b (Butterflyweed)

ASTU A. tuberosa one of the showiest of our native wildflowers. Clusters of orange flowers bloom June, July August. A dry location is best. Late to emerge in spring.  Height 2’. Spread 2’. Make your butterflies happy! Spring or fall 7.00

ASTER Zones 3-9 (Michaelmas Daisy)

Aster plants are green bushes all season and then in fall, the handsome green foliage very nearly disappears, smothered by thousands of blooms. Butterflies and other nectar collectors love them. Use asters in the border and as summer hedges. They are quite positively the most spectacular thing about fall. Asters do their best with full sun, ample moisture, and fertile soil. The varieties below bloom Sept.-Oct.

ASAP A. 'Alma Potschke' - Brilliant vivid pink. 3'-4' tall and wide. Bush tends to fall open. We dislike staking, but we do place a short cage over it in spring and train the stems to come up inside it. The smashing color is well worth the extra bit of attention. 7.00

ASPD A . 'Purple Dome' - Royal purple. 18", 2' x 2'tall and wide. A must-have if ever there was one. 6.50

ASPK A . 'Professor Kippenburg' - Medium blue. 2’ x 2’. 7.00

ASSC A. 'Snow Cushion' - Pure white, Cute. 1' x 1'. 7.00

Zone 5-9 (Plumbago)

CEPL - Royal blue phlox-like flowers in late summer and fall on this slowly spreading groundcover. Will take dry shade. Foliage turns rich red in late fall. 10’ tall. Space 1’. We’ve read that it may need covering in Zone 4 winters, but we never have and have had no losses. Spring only 7.00
CHBT ‘Baby Tears’ - White button mum bears blooms 1” across. Cute! 4.50

CHCE ‘Centerpiece’
- Lavender semi-double 3” blooms with quilled petals. 24” tall. Spring only 4.50

CUSHION MUMS - All are 12-18" tall. Space 1'. Pinch 2 or 3 times, the last pinching around the first of July.
CHST 'Snowtime' - Double white cushion mum. 12” x 12”. 4.50

DEYE Yellow - double 2” blooms.  This one we’ve had for eons.  Rapid increaser and tough as nails over winter.  It begins to bloom in late July. Spring only 4.50

COREOPSIS Ko-re-OP-sis Zones 3-9

COZA C. v. 'Zagreb' - Threadleaf Coreopsis bears bright golden yellow stars June till frost on bushes 15" tall and wide. No deadheading required. Spring or fall 7.00

DELPHINIUMS Zones 4-9 Delphiniums typically bloom in June. Then cut back to 6". They will grow a whole new plant and bloom again in  fall.

DEBE Delphinium Bellamosum is an old-fashioned delphinium. Unlike modern hybrids, Delphinium Bellamosum has a much longer life. We grow a couple that have been in place for over 20 years. Blooms in June. Then cut back to 6”. They grow a whole new plant and bloom again in fall. 4’-6’ tall. Spring only.  7.00

DICENTRA dy-SEN-tra Zones 3-9 (Bleedingheart)

Do best in full shade as they don’t go dormant midsummer like they do in full sun. Heart-shaped flowers hang upside down charmingly on the stems. Space 4’. Best left undisturbed when established.

DISP  - Old fashioned rosy pink bleedingheart. Blooms May and June. 2’ tall. 4’ wide. 7.00

Dicentras Spring only

ECHINACEA ek-in-AY-sea Zones 3-9 (Purple Coneflower)

ECBS E. 'Bright Star' - Immense daisy-like blooms of rosy purple with orange center. A dynamite color combination. Blooms June-Sept. 24"-30" tall. Space 2'. 7.00

ECCS E. 'Cheyenne Spirit' - Exciting new coneflower in shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow , and white. Reported hardy Zones 4a-10b. Spring or fall. 7.00

ECWL E. ‘White Lustre’ - White form of the purple coneflower. Blooms June-August. Space 2’. Spring only 7.00

EPIMEDIUM - EP-i-MEED-ee-um Zones 4-8  (Bishop’s Hat)

EPVS E. x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’ Wonderful plant for dry shade! Young heart-shaped leaves are flushed red, turning green as they mature. Clusters of pale yellow flowers the shape of bishop’s hats occur early to mid-spring. 12” tall. Space 12”. Spring only 8.50

EPWA E. x ‘Warleyense’ - Hybrid between E. alpinium and E. pinnatum. Bright orange flowers. Blooms in early spring.             8.50

GAILLARDIA ga-LARD-ia Zones 2-9 (Indian Blanket Flower)

Gaillardias are valuable for their free-flowering quality and for being quite drought resistant. They are slow to emerge in spring. We avoid varieties that are taller as they tend to flop and need staking.

GAAS g. 'Arizona Sun' - A 3" red-orange daisy with gold margins. Impressive bloom power and compact, uniform habit. Profuse bloom early June till frost if spent blooms removed reguraly. 8"-10" tall. Space 12". Spring or fall 7.00


Research on ornamental grasses has made us cautious. Sources of information vary widely in the hardiness zone numbers. Many are not hardy in Zone 4 where we live. We have tried several that proved not to be hardy. And we feel we want clump-forming grasses rather than those that spread by rhizomes. We don't have many areas that we want a grass to take over.

 CAKF Calamagrostis arundinacea 'Karl Foerster' CAL-us-muh-GROS-tis Feather Reed Grass has showy feathery plumes in June. Wheat-colored seed heads on 5' stems. Space 3'. PPA 2001 Plant of the Year. Spring only 8.00

 CANI Carex nigra - A sedge that grows in shade but will be fine in sun as well. Evergreen. Low mounds of blue-green about 1’ tall. Space 1’. Does well in wet to moist areas but also grows fine in normal moisture conditions. We’ve never seen it bloom but if it did, it would be in early summer. Spring only 8.00

DEBV Deschampsia ‘Bronze Veil’ deh-SHAMP-see-uh Zone 3-9 One of the few ornamental grasses for shade. Evergreen foliage 12” high. Tufted Hair Grass is a well-behaved, clump-forming species. Plants form a low mound of dark-green leaves, bearing upright stems with clouds of tiny, airy flowers in a bronzy-green shade, maturing to beige. Light and billowing in effect, a wonderful contrast to bold-leaved plants. 8.00
MIHS Miscanthus s. ‘Huron Sunrise’ PPAF - Full pink-tinted plumes tend to cascade rather than stand upright. Silver midrib on green leaves. 5’ tall. Z 4-9. Space 3’. Spring only 8.00

MISP Miscanthus sinensis purpurascens Flame Grass is clump forming 4'-5' tall. Fall color is a rich presentation of orange, yellow, green, purple, and red. Winter color a rose beige. Silver plumes in fall remain attractive all winter. Space 3'. Spring only 8.00

PASH P. v. ‘Shenandoah’ Green leaves 3’ tall start to take on burgundy tones by midsummer. In the fall the color intensifies. ‘Shenandoah’ appreciates regular deep watering but will survive dry summers as it is moderately xeric. Zones 4.9. 8.00

SCSC Schizachryium the Blues - Silver Bluestem is blue-green in spring and summer, cinnamon-red in fall and winter. 24”-30” tall. Fluffy, silver,white seedheads. Do not plant in rich moist soil. It will fall over. Prefers dry location and not overly rich soil. Zones 4-9. Spring only. 8.00

HEUCHERA HEW-ker-a Zones 3-10 (Coral Bells)

Coral bells dance on wiry 18"-24" stems. Very long lasting cut flower. Nearly evergreen foliage is a mound of scalloped round leaves. Always attractive. Plants withstand heat and dry weather well. Space 18". A low maintenance dependable perennial.

HECH H. 'Chatterbox' - Coral pink about 2' tall. Blooms June and July. Bright coral color. Spring or fall. 7.00

HEFI H. 'Firesprite' - Red coral bells dance June and July on 18" stems. Spring or fall. 7.00

HEPL H. ‘Plum Pudding’ - Purple leaves with deeper purple veining and attractively ruffled. Dainty cream flowers on tall scapes. Spring or fall.  7.00

HEPN H. ‘Palace Passion’ Coral flowers above burgundy foliage on 12”-18” stems. Spring or fall 7.00

HEPS H. ‘Purple Petticoats’ - Lacy purple foliage. Small near-white bells on 2’ stems June-July. Spring or fall. 7.00

HERM H. ‘Rose Majesty’ Purple tinged foliage and coral colored flowers on 12” stems. Does well in shade.  Spring or fall  7.00

HESN H. ‘Snow Angel’ Green leaves splattered with white always look lively. Coral rose blooms on 12” stalks May-June. 7.00

HERV H.‘Ruby Veil’ Burgundy foliage and cream flowers. 7.00

HEVK H. “Velvet Knight’ - Each rounded leaf of this 10” mounder is a “stained glass mosaic” of silver etched with deep purple. 2’ spikes of dainty white flowers top the plants May-June. Spring or fall. 7.00

HIBISCUS Zones 4-8 (Rose Mallow)

The biggest wow factor in the August garden! Each plate-sized flower lasts one day. Very late to emerge in spring. 4’ tall. Space 3’. We offer big roots!

HISN H.‘Starry Starry Night’ - 7”-8” pale pink flowers have darker pink speckles and veins. Near black maple-like leaves. 3.5’-4’ tall. 9.00

HIVW H.‘Vintage Wine’ – Nearly black buds open to 7” scarlet red flowers. Densely upright clump 4’-4.5’ tall. 9.00

HOSTA HOS-ta Zones 3-8 (Plaintainlily)

Valuable ground cover with an attractive pattern of lance-shaped leaves radiating from the center of the plant. Very desirable. Low maintenance. Bell-shaped flowers in lavender or white appear on 12"-36" stalks in summer.

HOAM H. 'Allen P. McConnell' - Miniature green with narrow white margins and lavender bells. 12" tall. Space 12". 8.00

HOBA H. 'Blue Angel' - Very large blue-green leaves. Nearly white flowers. 8.00

HOBY H ‘Blue Boy’ - On the large side of Medium. Soft blue heart-shaped leaves turn blue-green by midsummer. Space 30”. 8.00

HOBY H ‘Curly Fries’ - Miniature. Extremely rippled, narrow chartreuse leaves. Mature plants have red speckled petioles. Best in morning sun. 15.00

HOET H. 'Emerald Tiara' - Small. Reverse of Golden Tiara. Green leaf margin with golden center. Lavender flowers may repeat. 8.00

HOGT H. 'Golden Tiara' - Small. Small green leaves with striking gold border. Compact and a vigorous grower. Space 1'. Lavender flowers on 18" stems in July. May rebloom. 7.00

HOGS H. 'Gold Standard' - Large. Dark green edges with light green enters. The centers turn golden yellow by midsummer. Pale lavender flowers. Space 3’. 8.00

HOGT H. 'Halcyon' – Medium. One of the finest blue-green hostas. Excellent substance. 8.00 

HOGU H ‘Guacamole’ - Large side of medium. Green leaves with a large gold center. Excellent substance. 2002 Hosta of the Year 12.00

HOHA H ‘Halcyon’ - Medium. One of the finest blue-green hostas. Excellent substance. 8.00

HOJU H. 'June' - Medium. Light yellow with dark blue-green margin that streaks to the midrib with some of the streaking lighter green where it overlays the yellow. Violet flower in July. Some morning sun desirable. One of the most distinctive! Hosta of the Year for 2001. 12.00

HOLP H. 'Love Pat' - Medium. Blue, puckered and cupped. White trumpet shaped flowers. 10.00

HOMS H. ‘Miniskirt’ PPAF  A new Walter’s Gardens introduction. Miniature. Very wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring. Center turns green and edge lightens to creamy white in summer. Very cute! 15.00

HOPA H. ‘Patriot’ - Medium. Very crisp appearance with wide, pure white margins. 1997 Hosta of the Year. Withheld for increase.

HOBE H ‘Pacific Blue Edger’ - Small powder blue leaves. Vigorous grower. Lavender flowers midsummer. Space 1’. Space 1’. 8.00

HOPP H. ‘Pineapple Poll’ - Large. Heavily rippled lance-shaped leaves in green. Space 3’. 8.00

HOPT H. 'Platinum Tiara' Small. Small golden leaves edged in white. Dark lavender flowers on 24" scapes. Space 12". 8.00

HORS H, 'Royal Standard' - Medium. If someone could capture the fragrance of these white flowers in a bottle, we'd be first in line to buy it. Blooms in August on 20" stems. Green heart-shaped leaves. Space 2'. 8.00

HOST H. ‘Strip Tease’ - Medium. Intriguing gold green stitched in white. 12.00

HOTS H. 'Toy Soldier" Small side of Medium. The heart shaped, blue-green to medium green leaves are surrounded by a chartreuse changing to a creamy yellow margin. Towards the end fo the season a thin cream line appears between the center and margin, giving it an attractive accent. 10.00


IRAV - Blue-green leaves edged with creamy yellow. Purple flowers bloom late May-early June with tall bearded irises. Foliage is really cool!   Spring or fall.     8.00

IRIS PUMILA Zones 4-9 (Flags)

IRPB 'Blue Flags' - The bright purple "blue flags" bloom with daffodils - a great color combination. 6" tall. An old-fashioned flower. 1.50

IRYE Yellow dwarf iris. 10" tall. Blooms with tulips. 1.50

IRWH 'Dwarf iris Boo'. Dwarf White with purple falls. 10 " tall. Also, blooms with tulips. 3.00 or 3 for 7.50

IRIS SIBERICA Zones 3-9 (Siberian Iris)

Siberian irises bloom in early June just as the tall bearded types are waning and are more useful in mixed borders. Excellent also as specimen accents. They do not require frequent dividing, and the foliage remains good looking throughout the growing season. Space 24".

IRJC I. s. ‘Jewelled Crown’ - Ruffled wine-red with large circular gold blaze fading into white. 30” tall. Spring or fall. 7.00

IRSR I. s. ‘Sapphire Royale’ 32” tall. Purplish in our soil.  It may be more sapphire in acid soil. Spring or fall. 7.00

IRSE I. s. 'Seagate' Really dramatic dark purple. 32" tall. 7.00

IRIS SPURIA Zones 3-9 (Spuria Iris)

Spuria irises extend the iris season by blooming mid-June. Foliage is 3' tall and looks good all season. Blooms on 3½'-4' stalks, making a strong vertical accent. Wonderful as cut flowers. Did we say that they are elegant? They most definitely are! Large flowers are quite open. Water a lot until they become established. Then they are quite drought tolerant.

IRDE I. sp. 'Destination' Rich golden yellow. Spring or fall. 7.00

IRFR I sp. “Fort Ridge’ Blue-purple with yellow signal. Spring or fall. withheld for increase.

IRFP I. sp. 'Future Perfect' White with orange yellow signal. Spring or fall. 7.00

IRHC I. sp. 'Highline Coral' Ruffled coral shaded ith brownish tones. Lemon in throat. Yellow signals. 7.00

IRLD I. sp. 'Lucky Devil' Deepest purple with just the barest hint of a signal. Spring or fall. 7.00

IRPA I. sp. ‘Panacea’ - lavender veined purple with yellow signal. Latest to bloom. Spring or fall.  7.00

IRPR I. sp. 'Protégé Purple standards and cream falls veined purple. Gold signal area. Spring or fall.  7.00

IRSD I. s. 'Sunny Day' Yellow all over the beautiful blooms. Hybridizer was one of the Sass brothers from Omaha, Nebr. Spring or fall. 7.00

LEUCANTHEMUM lew-CAN-thuh-mum Zones 4-9 (Shasta Daisy)

Shasta Daisies produce lots of white flowers of perfectly happy design. Keep spent flowers clipped to keep blooms coming. Space 2'.

LMBE L. ‘Becky’ Vigorous grower withstands summer’s heat and humidity and winter’s cold. Single white blooms. Sturdy and wonderful! 2004 PPA Plant of the Year. Spring or fall. 7.00

LIATRIS ly-AY-tris Zones 3-9 (Gay Feather)

Columns of feathery flowers all around the stalk. Liatris has the unique habit of blooming from the top down. Blooms in our garden in July. 3' tall. Seldom needs dividing. Low maintenance. Nice dried flower. Prefers good drainage.

LIBS L. pychnostachys 'Blazing Star' - lavender. Spring or fall. 7.00

LILIUM Zones 3-8 (Lily)

We are perennially amazed that so little effort is required to grow such perfection. The most important cultural detail in growing lilies is good drainage. We learned the hard way that drainage does not mean just planting on a slope: water needs to drain away from the bulb and roots for they will rot if kept wet. Where the soil is heavy clay, we dig a hole about 3" deeper than normal and fill that 3" with gravel. Bulbs are planted about 6"-8" deep. The hole should be 3 times as deep as the height of the bulb.

Lilies make wonderful cut flowers. It is a good rule of thumb to leave 2/3 of the stem to provide food for the bulb for the next year. Lilies bloom 3 weeks.

LICE L. 'Cecil' – LA Hybrid. White with purple eye splattered onto petals. Blooms lte June-early July. Taller than the average Asiatic lily at 3’-4’. 4.00

LILI L. 'Liverpool' - Asiatic. A deep rose. Blooms late June into July 32” tall. 4.00

LIMG L. 'MidCentury Gold' - Gold Asiatic with no freckles. Mid-June to early July. 30". 4.00

LIMN L. 'Monte Negro' - Deep sultry red Asiatic. Very exciting. Late June- mid July. 36". 4.00

LIMO L. 'MidCentury Orange' - Pure electric orange Asiatic sans freckles. Mid-June to early July. 36". 4.00

LIPP L. Pink Perfection - Pink fragrant trumpet lily blooms June into July. 4' tall.5.00

LITD L. ‘Tango Dot Com’  - Pink Asiatic with burgundy speckles and burgundy center. 36” tall. Blooms in July. 4.00

LISC L. 'Salmon Classic' - Salmon-colored LA hybrid lily. Strong 30” stems with lots f buds. Mid-June to early July. 4.00

LITE L. 'Lilylooks Tiny Padye' - 16" tall and bears white flowers with a big burgundy centers. 4.00

LITR L. 'Triumphator' - Trumpet lily with large white flowers with rose centers. Fragrant! 4’ tall on sturdy stems. 5.00

LIVR L. 'Vermeer' - Pink Asiatic with white center in each petal. 3' . July. 4.00

All lilies spring or fall

LYCHNIS LIK-nis Zones 3-9 (Maltese Cross)

LYCH L. chalcedonia - Dense clusters of scarlet flowers in early summer on 3’ stems. Space 1’. Spring or fall. 7.00

LYCORIS SQUAMIGERI lye-COR-is Zones 4-9 (Naked Ladies)

LYSQ - Known by many names such as Hardy Amaryllis, Surprise Lilies, and Naked Ladies, the bulbs produce daffodil-like straps of leaves in spring. These die back in early summer. In early August, the naked stems arise almost overnight and bear clusters of pink lilies with touches of blue at the tips of each petal. Spring or fall. 5.00

MONARDA moe-NARD-uh Zones 4-9 Bee Balm

Aromatic foliage on this member of the mint family. Selections below are highly resistant to powdery mildew. 3’ tall here. Space 24”.

MOCR M. ‘Colrain Red’ - Raspberry red flowers on 3’-4’ stems. Mildew resistant. Attracts butterflies but not deer. Blooms 4 weeks midsummer. Spring or fall 7.00

MOFI M. ‘Fireball’ Short 18”. Red flowers June-July. Good mildew resistance. Spring or fall 7.00

PAEONEA pee-O-nia Zones 4-8(Peony)

PEON - Herbaceous peonies bloom in early June. 36" tall. space 3'. Plant in fall, taking care that the eyes be planted exactly 1½" below ground level. To achieve the largest flowers possible, disbud the side shoots as they appear in the spring, remove seed pods after bloom, and sidedress with fertilizer after bloom. 3-5 eye division. Double.

PEBB P. ‘Bowl of Beauty’ - The rose pink “bowl” surrounds fluffy pale lemon petaloids. Fragrant. Space 3’. Fall only 10.00

PEFM P. 'Festiva Maxima' - Double white with occasional red flecks. Blooms late May-early June. Fall only. 10.00

PEKR P. 'Karl Rosenfeld' Double fuchisa-red. Blooms late May-Early June. Fall only. 10.00

PERT P. 'rubra tenufolia' - Fernleaf peony produces double bluish red blooms mid-May. Sometimes called Mother's Day Peony. Very finely divided foliage on 15" plants. Space 2'. Demand is high and supplies low nationwide as they multiply slowly. Hence, the high price. Order early for fall delivery. Fall only 30.00

PESM P. 'Smouthii' - Single red blooms in mid-May on 15” plants. Finely divided foliage but not as finely textured as the Fernleaf. Smouthii originated in France around 1845. Very hard to come by as there are not many of these plants around. Very easy to grow and very fragrant. Fall only 16.00

PENSTEMON PEN-steh-mun Zones 3-8 (Beardtongue)

Penstemons generally have tubular flowers that flare out at the end. They are undemanding and the foliage looks nice from the beginning of the growing season to the end. Many penstemons are not hardy in our Zone 4 garden. Fortunately we have found some that are and will continue to try others.

PEEP P. barbatus 'Elfin Pink' - Myriads of coral pink slender tubular blooms on 30" stalks in June and July. Space 18". Spring or fall. 7.00

PEHR P. digitalis 'Husker Red' - A jewel in our border all season. Foliage in early spring is deepest burgundy. As it grows to its 2½' height, the leaves become more green but newest leaves are burgundy. White tubular blooms with faintest hint of pink for 5-6 weeks starting in June. Moisture and maintenance requirements are low-our kind of plant. This plant always looks good! Introduced by the University of Nebraska and the 1996 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year. Spring or fall. 7.00

PEME P. Mesa - Deep lavender blue spikes 6 weeks starting in June on 20" stalks. May rebloom in cool climates. Spring or fall.  7.00

PEROVSKIA ATRIPLICIFOLIA per-OV-skia Zones 4-10 (Russian Sage)

PEAT - Airy spires of lavender blue flowers late June-frost with gray green foliage. Very cool looking. 3½’-4’ tall and wide. Aromatic. Like a lavender mist. Makes a cool, textural background for daylilies and many other flowers. Good cut flower and nice dried. Low moisture requirement. 1995 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year. Spring only 7.00

PERSICARIA virginia ‘Painter’s Palette’ Zones 4-8
PEPA ‘Painter’s Palette’ is grown for its foliage. Each leaf is variegated green and white in a random pattern. A red chevron is overlaid in a precise pattern on each leaf.  We grows ours in part shade. A mass of them gives the effect of a lively dappled shade. Tiny red beads appear in fall. Will self-seed somewhat, but not weedily. 24” tall. Space 15”.   Spring only  7.00

PHLOX DIVARICATA Zones 3-9 (Woods Phlox)

PHDI - Fragrant blue or white flowers on 6" plants. This is a wildflower, but we do not "collect" plants from the wild. Quite adaptable. Blooms in May. We plant one at base of each clump of tulips. Fragrant. It marks where the tulips are and the combination in bloom is so pretty. Space. 1'. Spring or fall. 7.00

PHLOX PANICULATA Zones 3-8 (Garden Phlox)

Showy panicles of fragrant flowers July with rebloom in fall. 2½'-3' tall. Divide every 3 years, provide rich moist soil with good drainage and provide good air circulation. Prevent mildew with systemic fungicide. Pinch out shoots in spring so that no more than 3 stalks remain; you will be rewarded with showier blooms. Do not allow seedings to grow as they will revert to the old magenta.

PPBE P. p. ‘Bright Eyes’ - Pink with bright pink eye. No powdery mildew. 7.00

PPCI P. p. 'Cinderella'- Pale pink with rosy eye. No powdery mildew on this one. 7.00

PPDA P. p. ‘David’ Mildew-resistant white. PPA Plant of the Year 2002. 7.00

PPLA P. p. ‘Laura’ Lavender purple with white star center and dark eye. 24”-30 tall. Mildew resistant.” We’re nuts about it! 7.00

PPRMP P. p. 'Red Magic' Neon rose panicles July and Sept. 18" tall. Mildew resistant. 7.00

All Phlox Spring or fall.

PLATYCODON m w PLAT-e-KO-don    Zones 3-9  Balloonflower

Can there ever be enough blue in the garden? We think not. Balloonflowers provide blue star-shaped flowers 3 months June-August. The buds resemble hot air balloons.

PLGR P. grandiflora - 3’ tall. Pinch growing tips in May to create bushier plants with more buds. Spring or fall 7.00


POTV - Arching stems with leaves produced in pairs, each with a white margin. Cream-colored bells appear at the base of each pair of leaves in May. 24" tall. Space 1'. Choice! Spring or fall. 7.00 or 3 for 16.50

2013 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year.

RUDBECKIA rood-BEK-i-a Zones 3-8

RUGO R. 'Goldsturm' - Mounds of 4" golden daisies with dark brown button centers blooms July-Sept. 18"-24" tall. Space 18". A more refined plant than its cousins. 1999 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year. Spring only.

RUHO R. lacianata 'Hortensia' - Grandmother called it Golden Glow and glow it did with lots of large golden daisylike double blooms in late summer into fall. Good cut flower. It does spread so she let it have its own corner to dominate. It hid the cobhouse. Height is 4'-7' tall and may need to be staked. Spring or fall. 7.00

SALVIA Zones 4-10

SAVK S. ‘Viola Klose’ - Bright purple blooms on compact 15” plant in early summer. Shear for rebloom. Spring only 7.00

SANGUINARIA l w  Zones 4a-9b (Bloodroot)

Our first encounter with bloodroot occurred during the spring wildflower jaunts we took as children. It was our favorite rite of spring to head to the woods down by the river. We do not collect plants from the wild, but our aunt did (50 years ago). She gave us a trunk load of  perennials 40 years ago and one little Bloodroot plant tagged along with a hosta. We now have enough to offer to you.

SACA S. canadensis -  One of the earliest spring wildflowers bears blooms resembling a daisy. We observed in the woods that its preferred location is dappled shade. We also observed that the single scalloped  leaf will fold itself around the flower stem when the plant is in sunlight and return to a horizontal position when the shade returns. Pretty cool! All parts of the plant are considered poisonous. Spring or fall 7.00

SCABIOSA skab-i-O-sa Zones 3-10 (Pincushionflower)

SCBB s. ‘Butterfly Blue’ Lavender blue blooms on 15” x 15” plants June till late fall. Defies frost. Will bloom until temperatures get below 25 degrees. Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year for 2000. Spring only 7.00

SEDUM SEE-dum Zones 3-9 ( Showy Stonecrop)

Interesting fleshy-leaved plants. Evergreen foliage changes color with the seasons, providing interest in winter as well. Good in rock gardens and as ground cover. About 4" tall. Very drought tolerant.

SEAC S. 'Acre' - Yellow, star-like flowers May-June. Vigorous spreader. 3.50

SEAN S. 'Angelina' - Golden yellow leaves are tinted orange in early spring and again in fall. Cluster of yellow flowers in summer. 3.50

SECA S. 'Cauticola' - Really cool blue-gray leaves. Pink flowers in fall age to carmine red. 3.50

SEDB S. 'Dragon's Blood' - Rosy pink blooms June-July. Reddish tints in winter. 3.50

SEKV S. Kamschaticum 'variegatum' - Green and white variegated leaves with pink tinges. Yellow flowers June and July. Slow to spread. 3.50

SERC S. 'Red Carpet' - Red foliage in winter, green foliage in summer. Reddish rose flowers. 3.50

SERW S. 'Red Wiggle' Wiggle’ Foliage is bright red in early spring. Red tints throught the summer. White flowers midsummer. 6” tall. NEW!! 3.50

Spring or fall.

SEDUM Zones 3-9 ( Liveforever)

Upright bushes of succulent foliage. Always attractive. Drought tolerant. Lends a sculptural quality in winter. Space 2'. Very low maintenance. Flat clusters of flowers in fall.

SEAV S. s. aureovariegata - Very pale pink flowers in Sept. but the real attraction is the creamy yellow variegation. It gives a lively appearance all season. We discovered by accident that if planted in light shade, the colors are green and white rather than green and yellow. 18” tall. Space 2’. 7.00

SEAJ S. s. 'Autumn Joy' - Flowers start a pale salmon with color deepening to red and then to burgundy, even after frost. 18" tall. Space 2'. 6.50

SEBR S. 'Bertram Anderson' - Small cushion type sedum with purple leaves and red flowers in fall. Space 12". 6" tall. 7.00

SEMA S. 'Matrona' - Large heads of soft pink in fall deepen in color as season progresses. 2' tall and wide. Foliage is blue-gray edged in pink. Maroon stems. 6.50

SENE S. s. ‘Neon’ - Brilliant magenta pink flowers in fall. 2’ tall. Green foliage. Space 2’. 7.00

SEMPERVIVUM sem-per-VEE-vum Zones 4-9 (Hen and Chicks)

SEMP - Succulent rosettes may be used in miniature gardens, porch boxes, edgings, rock gardens, or in pots. They do bloom, but we don't like the flower and remove the stalk as soon as it starts to grow. Grows well on a wide variety of soils, even pure sand. Evergreen. Needs good drainage. Spring or fall. 2.00

STACHYS STACK-iss Zones 3-9

STHU S. monieri ‘Hummelo’ - Large clumps of green, textured leaves. Showy spikes of densely packed bright lavender rose flowers on 18” stalks. June-July. Spring only 7.00

TIARELLA TEE-are-ella Zones 3-8 (Foamflower)

TISS T. ‘Spring Symphony’ Deeply divided green leaves with black centers. Fluffy pale pink flowers on 6” stems May-June. Excellent looking plant all season. Spring or fall. 7.00


VECA Very attractive foliage on this 4"-6" groundcover. Clusters of fragrant magenta blooms from early May-late July and Sept.-frost unless well-watered, in which case, the flowers never quit coming. Carefree and vigorous. Self-seeds too. Best planted in spring in Zone 4. Spring or fall. 7.00

VERONICA ver-ON-ik-a Zones 4-9 (Speedwell)

VERF V. spicata 'Red Fox' - Bright hot pink spikes June-Sept. 12" tall. Space 1'. Delightful and desirable. Spring or fall.  7.00

VESB V. 'Sunny Border Blue' - Navy blue spikes June till late in fall. Defies light frosts. Dries well. 24" tall. Space 1' . Glossy leaves have a waffle pattern. A superb plant. Spring only. 7.00


VEFA V. v. ‘Fascination’ Same as Veronicastrum virginicum but with lavender flowers. Customers describe it as a spectacular plant, and we agree.  Spring or fall 7.00

VEVI A neat wildflower. It bears 4"-6" spikes of blooms in ivory white atop 4' tall plants in mid to late summer. Dark green leaves are placed horizontally on the stems. Space 18" Easy to grow. Excellent background plant for daylilies or purple coneflowers. Spring or fall. 7.00

VEVR -V. v. alba rosea Same as above but 3' tall and blooms have slight pinkish tinge. Spring or fall. 7.00