How to Stop Gambling Addiction

A person with a gambling addiction needs to focus on finding new hobbies and
interests to fill the void left by their addiction Malaysia online bet. They may also need to seek
professional help. Some gambling specialists accept health insurance and others
may work on a sliding scale for those who can’t afford their services. They can also
find support groups online to connect with other people who are struggling with the
same addiction.

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When a person begins to feel the urge to gamble, they should distract themselves
with a different activity, such as reading online sports betting Malaysia, exercising, writing in a journal or spending
time with friends and family members who don’t gamble. They should also avoid
going to places where they used to gamble. Some people who have a gambling
addiction may not realise that they have a problem, so it is important to get them to
talk about their gambling habits with family and friends. If their family and friends
recognise that they have a gambling addiction, they can help them find treatment
It is also important to remember that gambling is not just a hobby. There is a
physical reaction that occurs when a person wins money, which can trigger

addictive behaviours. The prefrontal cortex of the brain, which controls problem-
solving, planning, impulse control and managing emotions, is affected by gambling.

A person’s brain becomes used to releasing endorphins when they win, which can
lead them to gamble to feel that same positive feeling again.
If a person is feeling depressed, stressed or anxious, they should talk to their doctor
or therapist about their feelings. This can help them deal with underlying mood
disorders that might have contributed to their gambling addiction. It’s also a good
idea to look for other ways to get the same kind of thrill, such as exercise, listening
to music, taking part in a club or class, or spending time with friends who don’t

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Gambling addiction can have a devastating effect on relationships and finances, so it
is important to protect your own finances. This includes not opening bank accounts

with a partner, removing them from joint credit cards and closing any gambling-
related online accounts. It’s also a good idea not to lend money to a loved one who

is struggling with gambling. This can make them feel overwhelmed and could cause
them to relapse.
A person who has a gambling addiction should also consider getting professional
financial advice, especially when it comes to debt management. They may want to
contact their bank to see if they offer a service that blocks gambling payments or
set up gambling blockers on their phone and computer. They should also consider
getting counselling, marriage, career or addiction therapy to address any problems
that have arisen because of their gambling. This can help them learn better coping
mechanisms and repair their relationship with their loved ones, as well as their
finances. This type of counselling is available through community agencies and
private practice therapists, as well as over the internet through sites like Talkspace.

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