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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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click underlined daylily names for picture

*Alexandra (Salter) sev 24" EM 5.5" Peach pink blend with a green throat. Usually reblooms here. HM 1997. 8.00

*All Smiles (Benzinger) 30” M 7” Large golden yellow. Very fragrant. Usually reblooms. HM ‘77. AM ‘80. Noc.  7.00

*Anchors Away (Moldovan) sev 28” Mre 6” Purple with bluish grayed lavender watermark. Cream lime throat. 8.00

Amethyst Art (Kropf) 18" EM 5" Amethyst double. May rebloom. Vigorous grower. 7.00

*Apache War Dance (Thomas) 30” Mlre 4½" Hot scarlet with darker eye. Yellow throat. HM 2011. 12.00

*Apple Tart (Hughes) se 28” Emre 6” Bright red. Dormant here. Usually reblooms. HM ‘77. AM ‘80.

August Groom (Korth) 32” EM 5.75” Burgundy with darker eye above green throat. Very ruffled. 25 buds. 2 branches. 20.00

Autumn Minaret (Stout) 66” ML-VL 4” Orange-yellow. Well branched. Old-fashioned flower because it was registered in 1951. A bud builder that blooms till frost more often than not. HM 2006.  In October 2014, we cut off all of the scapes and counted buds and bud scars. There were a whopping total of 730! This was on a plant that we’ve grown for 6 years and sold a few divisions. Excellent plant for the landscape. 7.00

Baby Betsy (Maxwell) se 18" EM 2½" Rose red self with green throat. Fragrant. HM '76. 7.00

*Baja (Durio) 26" EMre 6" Sunfast bright red. Ruffled broad petals. HM '77. AM '80. 7.00

Barbara Mitchell (Pierce) se 20” Mre 6” One of the best pastel pinks. Green throat. Reblooms. HM ‘87. AM ‘90. SM ‘92. Noc. 7.00

Beautiful Edgings (Copenhaver) sev 30” Mre 7” Cream edged rose with green throat. A bud builder. HM 1999. AM 2002. 8.00

Beauty to Behold (Sellers) se 24” M 5½” Excellent yellow with green throat. Blooms into early Sept. for us. Recurved. HM ‘82. AM ‘85. Noc. 7.00

*Belle Cook (G. Brooker) sev 24” M 6” Pink with gold edge. Green throat. HM 2005. AM 2008. 12.00

*Best Kept Secret (Kirchoff) ev 28" MRe 5" Rose pink with a coral rose watermark. HM 1995. AM 1998. 8.00

*Beyond Thunderdome (Hanson) sev 36” M 5” Deep violet burgundy above a chartreuse throat. Fragrant. HM 2002. 10.00

*Bill Norris (Kirchhoff) sev 29” Mre 5” Bright ruffled gold self. HM 1997. AM 2000. SM 2002. 8.00

*Bird Wing Butterfly (Burkey) 45” ML 7” Yellow Unusual Form Cascacd with purple band. Extremely good branching. Bud builder! HM 2005 12.00

Bitsy (Warner) se 18" EEre 1½" Lemon yellow self. Excellent form. Blooms in June here and reblooms in Sept. Stella de Oro's mom. HM '66. AM '69. 7.00

*Bittersweet Destiny (Salter) 24" Mre 6" Coral orange with lime throat. Broad, full, overlapped. Lightly recurved. Well-branched. 8.00

Bordello Queen (Mason) 28” ML 6” Pale pink with rose eye and gold edge. May rebloom. HM ‘04.  10.00

*Bridget (Pittard) se 20" M 3" Black red self with green throat.Good branching and bud count. Holds well in heat. Blooms mid-late to late. HM '76. 7.00

*Bright Carnival (Rudolph) 26” E 5½” Bitone with red petals and yellow sepals brushed red. Noc. 7.00

Broadmoor seedling (Norton) 32” Mlre 5” We generally don’t grow unregistered daylilies, but make an exception for this daylily. The hybridizer chose not to register it but we’ve enjoyed it for over 20 years. The color is an icy peach. It blooms in the latter part of the season and reblooms. The form is a ruffled star. 7.00

Bubbling Over (Joiner) 26” MLre 5½” Fragrant light pink double. HM ‘93. 8.00

Bubbly (Joiner) se 20" M 2 7/8" Miniature double apricot. Reblooms. HM '93 7.00

*Buddy Ollie (Fitzpatrick) 38” M 8” Peach with coral eye. Yellow to green throat. Crispate Unusual Form. A unique color combination in the Unusual Form class. 3 branches. 18 buds. 25.00

Butter Dish (Kropf) 18” M 5” Butter yellow double with green throat. Fragrant. HM 1994. 7.00

*Byran Paul (Durio) ev 24” Emre 6½“ Deep ruby red with white edge and citron green throat. HM ‘96.  8.00

Carpenter Shavings (Kropf) 21" MRe 4" Reddish mahogany double with darker eye. Fragrant. HM 1979. 7.00

*Carrot (Brown, E.W.) 25” Mre 5" Carrot orange with leathery substance. A beefy plant. Give extra room. Reblooms. 7.00

Carrot Patch (Warrell) 35” EM 5.5” Light orange with dark orange veins above a green throat. Unusual Form. 36 buds. 8 branches. 30.00

Catherine’s Delight (Soules) sev 24” Lre 5.25” Rose pink with cream watermark. Large yellow throat. Nocturnal. Slow to increase means you won’t have to divide often. 7.00

*Celebration of Angels (Trimmer) ev 25” Ere 4.75” Cream with black purple halo above green throat. Fragrant. HM 2002. AM 2006.  10.00

*Celestial Red Hots (Stadler) sev 24” EM 5.5” Red double with narrow gold edge. Yellow to green throat. 99% double. 3 branches. 18 buds. 20.00

Challenger (Stout) 48” Mre 5” red self. Blooms as a Late here and is more likely to be 60” tall. 7.00

Changing Latitudes (Shooter, E.) 26" MRe 4" Cream tinged lavender and pink. Sepals are light pink. A reverse bitone. Triple eyezone of bright magenta, washed lavender blue and navy. Yellow-green throat. HM 2006. 8.00

*Channelled Agression (Hanson) 36” E 5” Cerise with rose watermark. Fragrant.  7.00

*Chicago Apache (Marsh-Klehm) 27" M 5" Excellent scarlet with green throat. Blooms as ML for us. Substance super, colorfast, and good form. HM '85. 7.00

Chief Black Hand (Warrel) 36" ML 6" Black red spider with a yellow green throat. HM 2006. 15.00

Chin Whiskers (McCrae) 20” EMre 5” Pink spider. Scape height is more like 30” for us. Bud builder. 10.00

Concorde Nelson (Reeve) 29” M 7” Rose pink petals pinch at ends and sepals tend to quill. Soft yellow throat. 8.00

Condilla (Grooms) 20" EM 4½" Deep gold double. Fragrant. Usually reblooms. HM '82. AM '85. 7.00

*Crimes of Passion (Hanson) se 24” M 6” Vibrant cranberry-cerise self. Lemon-lime heart. 7.00

*Custard Candy (Stamile 24" EMre 4¼" Cream with maroon eye. Very fine. HM '93 AM '96. SM '99. 7.00

Dark Circle (Kroll) 25” M 4” Light cream with dark purple eye shading to green throat. 7.00

*Decatur Cherry Smash (Davidson) 26" Mre 4" Medium pink with cherry eyezone. Extremely well-budded. HM '86.

Delta’s Dream (Kropf) 24” M 4” Medium pink double with darker pink eye above a green throat. Diurnal.  10.00

*Designer Gown (Sikes) 29” M 6” Pale lavender with deep pink lavender halo and green yellow throat. Usually reblooms. 7.00

*Designer Jeans (Sikes) 32” M 6½“ Lavender with darker edging and grape eyezone. Green throat. HM 1986. AM 1991. 8.00

Diabolique (Lambert) 36” EM 7.5” Purple spidery self with yellow green throat. Bud builder usually blooms two full months. 10.00

Double Doodah (Kropf) 22" M 3" Apricot double, speckled with lavender and lavender eyeone above green throat. 7.00

Double Johanna (Kropf) 30” Mre 6” Double violet with dark violet eyezone. Green throat. Fragrant. 10.00

Double River Wye (Kropf) 30” M 4.5” Double light yellow with green throat. Reblooms. 7.00

Dublin Elaine (Joiner) 32” Mre 5½“ Ruffled frilly pink double. Blooms ML for us. HM 2006. 8.00

Duke of Durham (Elliot) 29” ML 6” Copper brown with purple eye. Green throat. 7.00

Eggplant Escapade (Reed) 36” ML 6½“ Eggplant purple exotic with yellow throat. 8.00

*Elegant Candy (Stamile) 25" EMRe 4" Pink with a triangular red eye, yellow wire edge and a large green throat. Fragrant. HM 1998. AM 2001.

*Elegant Finale (P Stamile) 25" VL 6" Lavender cream with slightly darker eyezone. Well-budded cultivar for August bloom. Noc. 7.00

*Emporer Butterfly (Munson) Ev 28” EMre 5” Mauve with large cream throat. HM 1993. 8.00

*English Cameo (Stamile)26” Emre 5½“ Round ruffled light cream peach with green throat. Fragrant. HM 2004. 10.00

Eva (McClendon) 22" MLRe 4" Light pink self with a gold green throat. Fragrant. Budbuilder. 8.00

Exotic Echo (Sellers) 16" M 3" Pink cream blend with light burgundy eye and green throat. Usually reblooms. HM '89. AM '94.

Eye on a String (T. George) sev 30” Emre 9¼“ Pink Crispate with red violet eye above yellow green throat. 12.00

Ferris Wheel (Childs) 40” M 5” Fluted light red spider. Gold throat. Fragrant. 7.00

Fire From Heaven (Grovenstein) 38" M 5½" Spider-type brilliant red self with apple green throat. Substance is excellent. 8.00

*First Crush (Norris) 21” Mre 6” Rich rose cream with rose eye above green throat. Nicely ruffled. Reblooms for  us. 15.00

Fitzadilly (Fitzpatrick) 36” M 8” Purple with dark purple watermark above  a white green throat. Excellent substance. A Crispate Unusual Form. 10.00

Fitzasaurus (Fitzpatrick) 32” ML 9” Burgundy red with lighter halo and green throat. Cascade. Lovely and long-blooming. 10.00

Flamingo Fantasy (Apps) 26" EM 5" Medium pink with a large deep rose eye. Fragrant. Excellent bud count. HM 2000. 8.00

Flutterbye (Childs) 26" ERe 6" Lavender self. Fragrant. HM 1987. 8.00

*Fooled Me (Reilly) 24" EM 6" Fabulous rich yellow with a red eye. Reblooms for us. HM 1998. AM 2001. SM 2005. 8.00

Frances Joiner (Joiner) 24” Mre 5½” Unique rose on outer edges that blends into rose-apricot toward green throat. Fragrant. HM ‘92. 10.00

Frilly Apron (Romine) se 26” EM 6” Ruffled, soft cream self. Unusual form. Scapes taller than 26” here—more like 36”. 7.00

*Giggle Creek (Culver) Sev., 28" ML 5" Lavender with a purple eye and edge. Reblooms for us. HM 2011. 20.00

Ginger Girl (Kropf) 26” M 4½“ Cream double with dark pink eyezone. May rebloom. 10.00

*Green Flash (Hite) 32" EM 5½" Greenish yellow with green throat. Very crisp and eyecatching. Heavily fragrant. Noc. 7.00

Green Spill (Millikan) Se 27” M 6” Cherry red with very large apple green throat extending to the center of all petals. Blooms ML here. 10.00

Greywoods Nautical Nellie (Wilkinson) sev 34” ML 8½” Starlike lavender pink with rose-red chevron eye that almost reaches out to the petal ends. Yellow to green throat.     10.00

*Greywoods Raspberry Sorbet (Wilkerson) 34” L 5.75” Rich hot raspberry with red eye. Reblooms for us. 15.00

Harem (Tankesley-Clarke) sev 26” Mre 5” Amber rose blend double with greenish yellow throat. 7.00

*Hawaiian Party Dress (Soules) 24” ML 5¼” Bright blend of rose and watermelon. HM 85. 7.00

Hello Morning (J. Reinke) 40” ML 9” Yellow self above a green throat. Softly sculptured petals spoon shaped and narrow sepals are hooked. Unusual Form. 20 buds. Noc. 10.00

*Highland Lord (Munson) se 22" ML 5" Red double with lemon throat. HM '85. 7.00

*Highland Pinched Fingers (Toll) sev 30”M 7.5” Orange Unusual Form polychrome edge gold with chartreuse throat. HM 2007. Excellent bud count. Super!!! 12.00

High Resolution (Fitzpatrick) 38” M 10” Rose self above a light green throat. Unusual Form Cascade. 3 branches 18 buds. 10.00

Holiday Party (Kropf) 26” M 5½“ Red double with creamy yellow edging and yellow to green throat. HM 2007. 15.00

Holly Dancer (Warrell) 32", 7" Red spider. Tops! HM 2004. AM 2007. 10.00

*Ilini Showgirl (Varner) 32” M 6” Deep red with green throat. 7.00

Indian Giver (Ferguson) sev 20’ EM 4.5” Purple with wide light purple edge. Lively! HM 1997. AM 2000. 8.00

Indy Peacock (Anderson) 28” L 4½” Lively mauve with bold wine eyezone. Usually reblooms. 10.00

Indy Rhapsody (Anderson) 25" ML 4½" Lovely rose red self. Round and ruffled. Takes 102-degree sunny day without melting. HM '98. 7.00

*Jambalaya (Soules) 21" M 7¼" Orange with bronze eye. Golden yellow throat. Usually reblooms. HM '86.

Janice Brown (Brown) se 21” EM 4¾” Circular pink with rose red eyezone. Reblooms. HM ‘88. AM ‘92. SM ‘94. 8.00

*Jerusalem (Stevens-Seawright) 28” M 5” Brilliant gold self with yellow green throat. 8.00

*Joan Derifield (Hanson) Sev., 35" EM 7" Rose violet self above a chartreuse throat. Cranberry rose round pale cerise watermark. HM 2003. 10.00

*Joan Hood (Norris) sev 30" MRe 4.5" Clear apricot with bright purple eye and edge above a green heart to orange throat. Reblooms. 15.00

Joan Senior (Durio) ev 25" EM 6" White with lime green throat. Blooms 2 months here. Still one of the best whites. HM '81. AM '84. Lenington All-American '90. SM '87. 7.00

*Jovial (Gates) 20" Ere 5" Semi-evergreen here. Very bright wine red in a full round form with ruffles. Reblooms well for us. HM '90. 7.00

*Judah (Harris) 29" M 6" Bronze with gold edges. Quality! 7.00

Julia Uhey (Kropf) 28" M 5" Cream double with a dark pink eye. It reblooms. 10.00

*Just One Kiss (Hanson) sev 30” ML 5” Showy feminine pink with fine gold edge. Chartreuse throat.  12.00

Kachina Dancer (N Roberts) 30” ML 6.5” Purple self with yellow throat. Spider variant. HM 2004. 10.00

Karen's Curls (Reinke) 31" M 7" Lavender cream bitone. Unusual Form Cascade. Fragrant. HM 2001. 10.00

*Kempton Designer (Torkelson) 26” M 6” Fetching peach cream with purple eyezone. Purple picotee edge half-way out on petals. Green throat. Very floriferous. 8.00

Kindly Light (Bechtold) 30" M 9" Classic yellow spider. Usually reblooms for us. HM '55. Harris Olson Spider Award '89. 7.00

Kirsten’s Corsage (Burkey) 37” ML 7” Rosy purple with darker eye and huge chartreuse throat. Unusual Form HM 2002. 10.00

*Lady Bandit (Culver) 30” EM 5” Cream white with a bright clear pink eye with gold edge. Green throat. 3-4 way branching and 30+ buds. HM 2011. 15.00

Lake Norman Spider (K. Carpenter) 28" M 8" Rose pink spider with long quilled segments which twist and curl. Fragrant. HM '84. 10.00

Land of Cotton (Joiner) Sev., 30" MRe 6" Cream white double. Fragrant. HM 1995 10.00

*Late Again (Stamile) 26" LRe., 4" Pink bitone with a green throat. Blooms late and repeats. 8.00

Late to the Party (Crichton) 28" MLRe 5" Saturated alizarin crimson self with a wide green to near white throat extending onto midribs. Very Fragrant. 25.00

Laura Harwood (Harwood) sev 23” Mre 7” Fragrant burgundy purple with yellow cream halo and a very green throat. HM 2005. AM 2010. 10.00

Lavender Illusion (Durio) se 30" M 6" Showy large ruffled lavender pink. Very green throat. Fragrant. HM '80. 7.00

Lavender Velvet (Childs) 28” ML 7.5” Lavender self blooms as VL here. Slow to increase. 10.00

Lawless Woman (Kropf-Calderon) Sev 27” M 5.5” Rose pink consistent double. Yellow to very green throat. 20 buds. 3 branches. May rebloom. 20.00

*Lindy Twirl (Warrell) 28” ML 8” Purple with deep red-violet eye. Green throat. Unusual form. 8.00

*Lipstick Tattoo (Haynes) 27” EM 5“ Bright orange with red eye and edge. Green-yellow throat. Excellent bud count and it reblooms! 15.00

Lemon Lollypop (Simpson) 24" ERe 2 7/8" Light lemon yellow with tiny green throat. Flat and round. Fragrant and nocturnal. Continual rebloom June-frost. HM 1990. 7.00

*Leonard Bernstein (Kirchhoff) ev 26” Emre 5½” Excellent red with green throat. HM ‘96. 7.00

Lights of Evening (Billingslea) 26” Emre 6” Pale creamy yellow with hint of pinkl Pleated ruffles and green throat. Round and overlapped. Attractive. 8.00

Little Grapette (Williamson) 12" E 2" Ruffled grape self. Green throat. Noc.May rebloom. HM '74. AM '77. DFM '75.

Lovely Pink Lady (J. Harris) sev 24” Emre 7” Soft pink Unusual Form Cascade with darker eye and edge. May rebloom. HM 2006. 10.00

Lullaby Baby (Spalding) sev 19” EM 3“ Light cream pink. Ruffled. HM 1980. AM 1983. 7.00

*Malaysian Monarch (Munson) Sev., 24" EM 6" Large purple with a large whitish watermark. HM 1990. AM 1993. 8.00

Marylou Mercer (Mercer) 24” Mlre 3.8” Near white perfectly round blooms. 8.00

*Mary’s Gold (McDonell) 34” M 6½“ Brilliant orange self with green throat. HM 1988. AM 1991. 8.00

*Mary Todd (Fay) se 26" EM 6" Gleaming medium yellow self. A classic! Grows as dormant here. HM '70. AM '73.SM '78. 7.00

Mascara Snake (Bachman) Sev 57" L 9" Red maroon with chartreuse midribs above a chartreuse throat. HM 2005. Eugene Foster Award 2009. 10.00

*Mauna Loa (Roberts) 26" EM 5" Brilliant molten lava orange with light green throat. HM '81. 7.00

*Mema's Darkside (Higgins) 26" M 5" Very dark sooty purple double with a yellow throat.

*Mephistopheles (Moldovan) 30” EMre 5.75” Dark violet purple with small round pale yellow green throat. Fragrant. HM 2000. 10.00

Meringue Mirage (Apps) 33” M 5¼“ Cream and pink blend double. Green yellow throat. HM 2004. 8.00

Milady Greensleeves (Lambert) 32”  M 7” Bud builder Ruffled greenish pale yellow tipped pink with spidery, very open form. 7.00

*Mokan Butterfly (Lenington) se 35" EM 5½" Near white ruffled flower with a lavender halo and matching edging. Excellent bud count. HM '88. 8.00

Murphy's Law (Murphy) 53" MLRe 6" Cherry red Unusual Form crispate with dark cherry red eye and creamy tan ruffled petal edges. Chartreuse throat with green heart. 21 buds. 8.00

Mynelle's Starfish (Hayward) se 20" Mre 10" Sensational spider-type ivory self. Usually reblooms. Noc. HM 2004, AM 2008. 7.00

Nanuq (Jinkerson) se 28" MLre 5" Creamy near white with green throat. A good one. One of the whitest we grow. Vigorous. 7.00

Nebraska (H P Sass) 40” M 4.5” Orange-yellow self. Fragrant! Hybridizer lived near Bennington, Nebraska, and hybridized irises, daylilies, and peonies. 7.00

*Night Sky (Mason) sev 25” EM 5“ Wide-petalled deep purple with green throat. Reblooms for us. 10.00

*No Boys Allowed (Davisson) sev 32” EM 6” Rose Unusual Form with large cream pink watermark. Narrow white edge. Crispate. HM 2012. 15.00

North Wind Drifter (Schaben) 44” M 8½“ Lavender pink with white edge above green throat. Unusual Form. HM 2007. 15.00

*Nosferatu (Hanson) se 26" M 6" Royal purple with triangular throat pattern of willow green. HM '97. AM 2000. 7.00

*Omomuki (P Stamile) 26" EM 5" Yellow with green throat. Fragrant. HM '95. Excellent parent. 7.00

*One Last Dance (Moldovan) sev 26" EM 6.25" Rose coral blend with coral center. Yellow to green throat. May rebloom. 8.00

One More Bud (Murphy) 51” EMre 6” Reddish lavender with purple band. Unusual Form. Small yellow throat. Tiny ruffled cream edge. Bud builder. Has blooms till frost the past two years. 25.00

Open Hearth (Lambert) 26" M 9" Red and copper bitone. Opens flat. Rapid increase. Usually reblooms here. Noc. HM '83. 7.00

*Orchard Sprite (Millikan) 24" Mre 5½" Peach pink self becomes pinker in the hot afternoon sun. Extra good branching and bud count. Usually reblooms till frost. Noc. HM '87. 7.00

Ornate Ruffles (Apps) 24" M 5½" Near white with yellow green throat, and, yes, ornate ruffles. May rebloom. 7.00

Paddy’s Place (Kropf) 36” ML 6” Double lavender with cream edge above yellow to green throat. 4 branches. 16 buds. 10.00

Pardon Me (Apps) 18” M 2¾” Bright red mini. Long bloom time. HM ‘84. AM ‘87. 7.00

*Party Queen (Peck) 26” M 6” 26” M 6” Fancy ruffled apricot self. 7.00

Pastel Picture (Joiner) 22” ML 6” Coral sands blend. Ribbled and ruffled. Flares up and out. Reblooms. Noc. 7.00

Peach Caper (Spalding) se 14" Mre 5½" Peach self with green throat. Noc. HM '97. 7.00

*Piece of Sky (Moldovan) 29” M 5.5” Lavender mauve with violet blue watermark above lemon green throat. 24 buds. 3 branches. 20.00

*Pince Nez (Mason) 22” M 4” Black purple self above green throat. Petals pinch at tips. Sun resistant. 8.00

*Pink Ballerina (Rudolph) 29" M 5½" Smoky pink with deeper edges and small pink halo. Green yellow throat. Likely to rebloom. 7.00

*Pink Fanfare (Whatley) 27" EM 6" Flat soft pink with green throat. HM 2000. 10.00

Pippa Passes (Millikan) ev 32” M 7” Ruffled cream and pink bicolor. Long period of bloom. 7.00

Pixel Perfect (Fitzpatrick) 32” M 6” Lavender pink darker halo and big diamond-shaped green yellow throat. Crispate. 10.00

Ponca Brave (Harder) 28” M 5“ Red-yellow bicolor. Petals are red. Sepals are yellow. Nocturnal. 7.00

Prairie Moonlight (Marsh) 34" M 8" Pale yellow like a prairie moon. Graceful, old-fashioned form. Fragrant. HM '68. AM '71. 7.00

*Primal Scream (Hanson) 34” ML 7.5” Orange Unusual Form with green throat. Crispate-Cascade. HM 1997. AM 2000. SM 2003. 15.00

Polynesian Love Song (J. Carpenter) sev 29” Emre 5½“ Ruffled peach self with green throat. Fragrant. HM 2001. 8.00

Queen's Court (Apps) 26" EM 5½" Very flat yellow with excellent ruffles. At the top of our list of most beautiful yellows. 7.00

Queen’s Quadrille (E. Salter) sev 18” Mlre 2“ Bright clear coral rose pink. Usually reblooms for us. Blooms frequently have 4 petals and 4 sepals. 7.00

Raspberry Grin (Murphy) 46” M 6” Raspberry with apricot throat and cram midrib. Ruffled pink to cream edge. Unusual Form Cascade. 26 buds. 20.00

*Raspberry Winter (Trimmer) 30” Emre 4” Pale pink with large eye in pale red with darker triangular etched eye. HM 2004. 10.00

*Red Sails at Night (Niswonger) 32” M 5.5” Red with lighter streaks and gold edge above yellow throat. 20.00

*Regal Reflections (Benz) Ev., 34" MRe., 5" Fragrant purple with a black eye. Nocturnal. 8.00

*Regal Shield (Norris) 28” Mre 5.25” Dark purple eye on yellow petals with peach overtones. Purple edge. Deep green heart and yellow throat. Reblooms. 10.00

Remembering Joan (Schaben) ev 228” M 6” Violet purple with rose watermark. Fine white edge.  HM 2004. 12.00

*Return a Smile (Blaney) 26” EM 5” Lavender with purple eyezone. Green throat. May rebloom. 8.00

*Robin's Tuition (Fitzpatrick) 26" M 5" Lavender with a radiating blue-purple eye above a yellow-green throat. 8.00

*Rocket City (Hardy) 34” EM 6” Brilliant orange with burnt orange halo. HM ‘70. 7.00

*Royal Heiress (Munson) se 24" EMre 6" Burgundy with chalky eyezone. Green throat. 8.00

*Ruby Corona (Benz) 36” Mre 4.5” Ruby red with snow white teeth. Green throat. Fragrant. 35 buds. 4 branches. 15.00

*Ruby Sentinel (Benz) 36" ML 5" Perfectly circular ruby-red with deep emerald green throat. HM 2000. 7.00

*Ruby Spider (Stamile) 34", 9", E, Dor., UF Spatulate,  Ruby red spider self with yellow throat. (Velvet Widow × Tet. Open Hearth) 8.00

Ruffled Carousel (E.C.Brown) se 23" Ere 3¾" Cream with apricot-pencilled eyezone. Yellow green throat. Very round and ruffled. Segments overlap. Never quits reblooming. Noc. HM '88. 7.00

*Ruffled Storm (Benz) 30” M 5” Deep maroon with bright green triangular throat. Ruffled, flat, and fragrant. Noc.  8.00

*Russian Easter (Kirchhoff) ev 30” Mre 6“ Cool pale yellow with wide pastel rose eyezone. Green throat. HM 1995. 8.00

*Salem Witch (Moldovan) sev 29” EMre 5.5” Deep purple with white picotee. Gray washed halo above green-yellow throat. HM 1999. Ruffled. 10.00

Samar Starfire (Sullivan) ev 32” ML 9” Burgundy red spidery with greenish yellow throat. Fragrant. HM 2006. 10.00

Sambo Wilder (Weldon) 23” M 6” Lavender with purple eyezone. Green throat. Fragrant. Reblooms. HM ‘96. 8.00

*Sandra Elizabeth (Stevens) 28" VL 6" Deep yellow self. A yellow beacon in the August garden. HM '93. 7.00

*Satanic Majesty (Hanson)25” M 5” Deep pure violet with lemon-green throat. Petals pinch. Blooms ML here. HM 2001. 10.00

Satan's Dream (Schoonover) 34" ML 5" Dark red self with intense green throat. 7.00

Savannah Debutante (Joiner) 32" ML 6" Light apricot double. Green throat. Fragrant. Good rebloomer. 7.00

Savannah Melody (J Joiner) 30” Mre 6” Cotton candy pink double. HM 2007. 10.00

Scarlet Marie (Kropf) 26” M 6” Red double with yellow to green throat. Vigorous. HM 2009. 10.00

*Scarlet Pimpernel (Ripley) sev 35” EMre 10 Royal garnet red above yellow leading to green throat. Unusual Form Crispate. HM 2013. AM 2016. 15.00

Scarlett's Webb (Reed) 44" EMRe 7" Scarlet self with yellow throat. Unusual Form. HM 2002. 10.00

Scrambled Legs (Michael's) 26" EM 7" Lavender pink. Curled Cascade Unusual Form. Usually reblooms. HM 2009. 10.00

*Screamcicle (Cochenour) 35" EMRe 8" Orange with big red eye above an orange throat. 28 buds. Usually reblooms. HM 2009. 20.00

*Season’s Greetings (Benz) 36" E 5½" Large ruby red flowers. 8.00

*Selwyn (Lovell) 29” M 5.5” Wine red with cream watermark and bubbly gold edge. 20.00

*Sigudilla (Griesbach-Hardy) 22” ML 5” Bronze red self. Rich. Good bud count. Usually reblooms. HM ‘86. 7.00

Siloam Space Age (Henry) 24" M 6" Flat ruffled yellow flower. Green throat. Usually reblooms through September. Noc. HM '74. 7.00

Simplicity in Motion (Fitzpatrick) 32", 7", M, Dor. Fragrant, 18 buds, 3 branches, UF Crispate ,  Cream green self above green throat. (sdlg × Green Tarantula). HM 2010. 10.00

Small World Better Late than Never (M. Miller) sev 36” MLre 8” Wine pink with light pink watermark. Green throat. Unusual Form Cascade. 18 buds. This one acts as EM in our garden. 15.00

Small World Looney Tunes (M. Miller) 38” Ere 3.75” Fragrant rose pink blend with light pink watermark and edge. Green throat. 30 buds. 5 branches. 15.00

*Small World Shooting Star (M. Miller) 38” EMre 5.5” Cream with plum eye and edge above lime green throat. 30 buds. 4 branches. 15.00

*Smith Brothers (Carr) 30" Mre 5" Black-red with intriguing blue-black overlay sheen. Fantastic substance! HM '96. 8.00

*Smuggler’s Gold (Branch) 24” M 6½” Golden yellow bronzed. Very well-budded. HM ‘97. 8.00

Snicker Knight (Fitzpatrick) 36” M 7” Red with white edge. Green throat. Unusual Form Crispate-Cascade. 10.00

*Solar Power (Gates )sev 34” E 7” Wide-petalled dark orange self with yellow-green throat. One of the earliest large flowers to bloom here. 7.00

*Sophia’s Love (Yonski) 30” M 7” Classy baby ribbon pink with large purple eye and vivid cream green throat.  Unusual Form. Fragrant. 8.00

Spider Man (Durio) 24” EMre 7” Bright red spider with chartreuse throat. HM 1993. AM 1998. 8.00

*Spiritual Corridor (Hanson sev 25” EM 6” Orchid lavender blend with chartreuse green watermark. Chartreuse throat. Cream picotee edge. HM 1997. 8.00

Spring Quarter (Fitzpatrick) sev 28” M 6” Light pink with fine gold wire edge. Green throat. 8.00

Starman's Quest (Burkey) 40" M 7" Violet mauve Unusual Form with a dark purple eyezone and chartreuse throat. Super performer! HM 2001. AM 2004. 10.00

Stella de Oro (Jablonski) 11" Reblooming 2¾" Gold mini that continually reblooms from early June until frost. Richly deserves all the publicity it gets. HM '79. AM '82. SM '85. Not best choice for Gulf states in Zones 9B and 10. 4.00

Stella's Ruffled Fingers (Crichton) Sev., 19" EERe., 3" Palest pink with faint triangular rose halo above a green to yellow throat. Continuous rebloom! HM 2009. 8.00

Strawberry Hill (Millikan) se 30” M 5” Strawberry pink with red veining and green throat. HM ‘86. 7.00

*Strutter's Ball (Moldovan) 26" M 6" A most exciting deep purple with a white watermark. . HM '89. AM '92. 7.00

*Sultry (Adams) 32" Mre 5" Rose blend with rose eyezone. Olive green throat. Blooms as a late here. 8.00

Suzy Cream Cheese (Bachman) 35" L 7" Peach spider self above a green throat. HM 2005. 15.00

Tani (Pierce) se 24" EM 6" Perfectly round, flat rose-pink with much ruffling. Deeper veining. Always reblooms for us. HM '86. 7.00

Tiered Bronze (Childs) 30" Mre 6" Bronze double with a smoky cast. Double 100% of the time. Fragrant and nocturnal. 7.00

Tiny Smidgen (E Shooter) 24” Mre 2.75” Round pale cream with touches of pink. Light lemon center and green throat. Fragrant and nocturnal. 8.00   

Topguns Purple Express (B Scott) 22” Mre 5.5” Wine purple double with green throat. Fragrant. 15.00

Trahlyta (Childs) 30" EMRe 6" Stragely attractive grayed violet with a purple eye. Fragrant. Excellent parent. HM 2001. AM 2004. 7.00

Traveling Soldier (Fitzpatrick) 36” M 7” Purple Crispate Unusual Form. 3-way branching. 28 buds. 15.00

*Tropic Sunset (Harris-Benz) 24" M 7" Fetching deep coral rose blend with chartreuse throat. 7.00

Twilight Princess (Fitzpatrick) Light cream peach with slightly darker peach etching above green throat. Unusual Form Crispate. 16 buds 3 branches.  15.00

*Vera Biaglow (Moldovan) 30" ML 6" Beautiful rose pink with lemon green throat. HM '89. AM '93. 7.00

Victoria Grace (Moore) 24” ML 5.5” Hot pink with vivid rose eye and big lime green throat. 12.00

Violent Thunder (Fitzpatrick) 26" ML 5" Dark purple Twisted Crispate. Green thraot. 8.00

*Violet Angel (Culver) sev 33” Mre 4.5” Fragrant cream with clear violet eye and edge above green throat. 10.00

Violet Eyes (Cruse) Ev 20” Ere 5¾” Near white with violet purple halo. Yellow green throat. Violet tips on petals after cool nights. Unique! 7.00

*Watch Tower (Hager) 42" MLre 5½" Wide-petalled pastel pinkish peach with wide purple eyezone. Never has grown taller than 30" for us. 7.00

*When Vampires Roar (Eiseman) 22” Mre 4.75” Red self above yellow with a hint of lime in throat. Extremely well-budded. $10.00

*Wicked Witch (Moldovan) 24” ML 5½” Dark maroon with finely ruffled edges. A beefy plant. Give a little more room than average. 8.00

*Wineberry Candy (Stamile) 22" EM 4" Orchid with purple eye. Fragrant. HM 1994. AM 1997. 8.00

Worthy One (Wild) 22” EM 5” Burgundy double shaded red purple with green throat. 10.00

Yazoo Jim Terry (Smith) sev 20” Emre 6” Double rose pink self with lime green throat. Reblooms well here. 8.00

Yellow Petticoats (Gates) 26" ML 5" Double golden yellow. HM '75. 7.00

*Yuma (Whatley) 25" ML 6" Though registered as ML, it blooms as a late. A yellow rose blend with incredible hooks and horns instead of mere ruffles. HM.'83. Withheld for increase.

Zella Virginia (Kropf) 24" Mre 5½" Melon double. Vigorous grower. Reblooms till frost here. 7.00

Zena (Lenington) 36” VL 5¾” Pink self in a crispate form with chartreuse throat.