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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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Welcome to Garden Perennials...the daylily and perennial plant nursery of Gail Korn in Wayne, Nebraska.

2015--Our 33nd Year

          One of the new things we are most excited about is Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit. It comes in a wide variety of colors but we won’t know until they bloom what the colors are. The coolest feature of these coneflowers is that they will self-seed, and the seedlings may be any color. You won’t have to buy a red one and an orange one and a cream one in order to have all of the colors. The other best part is that they are hardy everywhere! We’ve heard so many discouraging results about the many patented echinaceas on the market now. Echinaceas should not be expensive annuals!

    You’ll find a new Hibiscus called Midnight Marvel. It’s a red hibiscus with foliage strongly tinted purple. It has a long bloom period. We’ve added Hosta Curly Fries to our collection of miniature hostas. This one will provide a strong contrast with its long slender wavy chartreuse leaves. Two new lilies are offered. ‘Blackout’ is an Asiatic lily in deep red with a deeper red center in each petal. It’s pretty dramatic. Lily ‘Hotline’ is an Oriental lily that will bloom in July with your daylilies. Petals are white with a red margin on each petal. It will add wonderful fragrance to your garden.

    We are offering a couple of asters that we haven’t offered for a while. Aster ‘Hella Lacey’ will provide royal purple flowers in fall on a 4’ x 4’ bush. Aster ‘Professor Kippenburg’ flowers are lavender blue on bushes that are 2’ x 2’. Veronicastrum v. alba rosea gives you an option of having the striking Veronicastrum plant habit of vertical and horizontal emphasis on a plant that is 3’ tall instead of 4’ or 5’. It has the same white spikes of bloom midsummer.

    We have quite a few daylilies being offered for the first time. Too many to list here.

Gail Korn, Garden Perennials