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Come see thousands of daylily blooms
July 1-August 7

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Welcome to Garden Perennials...the daylily and perennial plant nursery of Gail Korn in Wayne, Nebraska.

2016--Our 34th Year

          We have thought for some time about doing a Facebook page. Last February, we started it. If you do Facebook, you might like to search for the Garden Perennials page. You'll find  pictures, of course, as well as finding out what Gail really thinks about what she presents. Often more information is given than you'll find on this page and charming stories about some of the flowers.  Now and then there might be a sale announcement on the Facebook page that may not appear here. There will also be some tips on growing plants better. It has been fun and sometimes leads to discussions with other gardeners.

         We applaud the focus on gardens that attract and nourish butterflies. Butterflies add liveliness and color to the garden. Keeping them happy is as easy as planting a few plants they favor.


Gail Korn, Garden Perennials